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5 Super Mario Run Things You Need To Know

Super Mario Run is the next big franchise related to Nintendo coming to phones and tablets, and following the success of Pokémon GO, everyone is waiting to see if it will work. We played the new plumber game, and here are some things to consider before buying the game, which came out for iOS on December 14th.

1. Super Mario Run is not a typical Mario game

Of course, Super Mario Run has a version of the plumber that we know and love but has undergone changes to work on the mobile. Mario automatically runs to the right even if you do not do anything at all, and he jumps over small obstacles like Blocks and Goombas, but it’s up to you to help him jump, pirouette and quiver to get the most important things of each phase, Like coins and power-ups. Everything is familiar: the enemies, the characters, the coins, but the way they play is completely different.

2. Can play with one hand

You can play while you eat if you want, because Super Mario Run just needs one of your hands to work – to tell you the truth, you only need one finger. All of Mario’s moves, even the most complicated and acrobatic ones, are just a combination of ringtones, and although you probably will not be able to go far beyond the basic leap in the beginning, some training mini-games like the Toad Rally , A platform stage with limited time that requires total mastery of Mario’s moves. And when you win, you earn Toads! Why are they important? Good…

3. It is more than just platform

At each level of the game, you can collect coins. These coins are used to buy decorations for your kingdom to look more beautiful, and to buy constructions that give you access to mini-games – such as Casa do Toad, in which you choose a door three times and if you get it, you get Rally tickets . The better his kingdom, the more Toads will live in it, and the more Toads live in his kingdom, the better his castle is!

4. Test before you buy

The app costs $ 10 (plus or minus $ 34), which made a lot of people twist their noses. It’s expensive for mobile game standards, but not so much for a Mario game. The game itself is free in the beginning. You can test the first three levels and a 20 second demo of the first boss without spending a penny, and only need to pay if you want to continue playing.

In addition to the game itself, you also gain access to mini-games, Toad Rally, Kingdom building, a lot of Rally tickets and some decorations. Not bad at all!

5. You need to play each level several times

Super Mario Run cheats has golden coins on every level, but also has special and colorful coins that are hard to come by. The first five are pink, and when you collect them all – doing some elaborate acrobatics – the purple coins are released. It is necessary to play the levels again to get those, which are even more complicated to reach, and after them there are still black coins that seem impossible to achieve. The game features tips and tricks to improve your moves, but it may take a while for you to get used to it – which means you will have to have a lot of patience and determination to master the stunts.

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