clash royale tips and tricks

Clash Royale, the game that has hooked to the planet

Supercell has been able to hook millions of users to a free game mix of random chess, Magic cards and Age of Empires.

The creators of Clash of Clans, Supercell, seem to have found a much better formula.

They have modified the ingredients of their spell and with Clash Royale hack gems generator they have got people of all ages, but especially the young ones, to be on top of this “Free 2 Play”.

But what is Clash Royale? It is a simple game that takes the concepts of the games to defend the tower and takes them to a battle of 1 against 1 in which you have to defend your main tower while you try to destroy the enemy. A simple concept with maximum replayability.

The games of 3 or 4 minutes are ideal to play in a dead moment 

The game has many of the elements that make a game a success, and will make many rival studios start to take note. A balanced battle system in which we will always have a rival of our rank ensures that we do not despair. If we lose many games we lower the level so we will fight with players of less level and we can find the balance.

3 to 4 minutes maximum, are ideal for the casual playerwho wants “fast” between classes, in line at the bank or waiting for the bus.We can string together several games, of course, but the game cunningly limits our progress, making espaciemos our cravings. How to play more games? Paying. And it works, go if it works, more than 80 million achieved in its first month and testify. And since his departure takes leading application lists more enter iOS and Android . Especially in China and the United States, the two markets that spend the most money.

In battles, the strategy prevails, especially at the level that we advance. But there is a big wall between 1,000 and 1,400 skill points that serves as a filter that separates the casual players of the most tenacious. Only the most tenacious or those who pay through in-app purchases will go further. Hundreds of tutorials flood YouTube by teaching basic techniques of attack, defense, troop deflection, counterattack and more. Something of a mix between the random chess Fisher , Magic cards , or Hearthstone- and Age of Empires. Excellent design and attention to detail have become Supercell this game in sales phenomenon it is.

80 million revenue in a month show, again, what works in the “app stores”

But out of the battles continues the fun. The learning curve is excellently measure and ensure good deck of cards to play with battles it is paramount. We fight with up to eight different cards that we get and unblock as we play. There is a component of chance in how we get them and when they are available to play, because we can only choose between four of those eight each moment.

For casual and professional

Supercell goes all out and this weekend in Helsinki was organized the first major tournament worldwide, which was seen by more than 100,000 spectators in their highs.

At the end of it, “Jason” took € 10,000 to raze a 3-0 “steroid69”, despite dominating the tournament almost from start to finish .

Jason strategy was analyzed and debated during the following days . With a very simple “mallet” based on simple attacks with Giant and Hog Rider, it managed to cross the defenses of all its opponents. And this is the beauty of Clash Royale, a simple strategy can break the most stubborn tactics … if done well.

Supercell keeps the updated game at all times, editing the parameters of the game to make it more and more balanced . It is very important the balance of the game to keep all users active and happy, as abuse of any specific letter could lead people to become discouraged or bored. In the future we will see new cards safe , expansions and more. Meanwhile, on YouTube, hundreds of channels dawn with millions of views offering ways to get gems for free at Clash Royale hack android and ios, or even how to find their best tricks. A full-fledged phenomenon

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