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PES 2017: 5 tips to score more goals than anyone!

We offer you five useful tips for making goals in PES 2016, which has improved a lot in the offensive aspect regarding the edition last year.

We have already commented on occasion that PES 2016 is a game that respects much tactical rigor and is very competitive defensive level. However, this edition of the simulator football Konami has grown in offensive terms, as to compete with rival EA Sports needed to increase the level of showmanship of his game and that means the end a major offensive load. Therefore, once assimilated the necessary concepts of the rear, we will focus on the game of attack and how to score more goals than the opponent to win the largest number of games possible. But before we want to show you a trailer with the new mode myClub that has been so successful since it was presented last year.

Taking advantage of the virtues of PES 2016 , we will build a strong team with a strong defense and counterattack. For this we will have a defense formed by two strong central and two quick and offensive side. As support we will place in the center of the field a defensive pivot that supports the centers and then two creative mediocentros that will hook with two mediapuntas that will be required some sacrifice in defense when we are not in possession of the ball. Finally, the forward center position must have a lot of mobility, rather than being a purely finishing player. In this way, our training will be a sort of 4-3-3 with quite offensive vocation . However, we already know that the games are not the same during the ninety minutes, so we must have alternatives for when we play with the result against.

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In this regard, we would modify the frontcourt to place two open ends and a more powerful center forward who stands out for its ability spiker . To keep always on our team, we increase the pressure line and also the values of aggressiveness . Nor do we forget that PES 2016 offers a training options very advanced, so you can try out new tactics of attack that will be very useful during games. Finally, we should not leave out the set pieces and the set pieces, which usually become a great alternative when it comes to scoring goals. Especially the pitches, which, although hard to master, are a great option to make goals of very beautiful bill. What advice would you give us to score more goals than anyone in PES 2016?

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