Brawl Stars Tips for mastering the game on iOS and Android

Brawl Stars: Tips for mastering the game on iOS and Android

Tips for mastering Brawl Stars

‘ Brawl Stars ‘, the new creation of the Supercell studio for iOS and Android devices, has all the ballots to become a new success after achieved already by works like ‘Clash Royale’ or ‘Clash of Clans’. Thanks to its playability, the characters it offers and the ability to enjoy competitive multiplayer matches, ‘Brawl Stars’ could be one of the most played smartphone games. But for this, the work of Finnish study must leave the test phase in which it is currently (only in Canada) and land in different markets around the world. When you do, What are we going to find and what steps should we follow to venture into their playable offer? Well that is precisely what we are going to discuss next, a series of guidelines.

01. The game modes offered by

Brawl Stars has a total of four game modes, namely: Smash and Grab , in which two teams compete against each other to retrieve a crystal; Bounty , which is a point-based mode where our goal will be to wipe out the rest of the players; Heist , which is a mode in which two teams compete for a safe – the attack team must open it and the defense team to prevent it from opening; Showdown  is a game mode in which the last player, out of the 10 who will compete, stands a gold medal. Regardless of the gameplay, the Brawlers’ abilities will be the same, but not the way to play as each mode forces us to act differently. In some, cooperation will be key,

02. Possessing many crystals is not always intelligent

In Smash and Grab mode , players will collect a series of crystals and through which we win the game. In this modality greed, as they say, breaks the sack and can cause a disgrace for our team if we are the ones who like to carry the more, the better. An option to avoid a collapse by our death and subsequent loss of crystals is to let a companion with fewer crystals collect more. In this mode of Brawl Stars greed can cause a painful defeat, so carrying more crystals than is not always the smartest choice.

03. Resist the urge to run and shoot crazy

The action is a concept closely linked to ‘ Brawl Stars’ and it may be that some of you are wishing to venture into Supercell’s work simply to run and shoot crazy, Rambo plan. Seeing how the number of dead or the number of crystals in possession exceeds that of our rivals (or teammates) can be very beautiful, but to achieve this you have to be exceptional. Are you? Do not? Then do not go in the macho guacho plan because, in the event of receiving any other blow, our life bar will lower and will not recover until we stop shooting. In addition, this will cause us to lose attention on the enemy, who could have the special bar loaded and get us into a good mess; Or leave the team at the least opportune moment.

04. Playing regularly against bots

Are we a bit lame in multiplayer games but this one specifically calls our attention? If so, the work of Supercelloffers us the possibility to enjoy multiplayer games against bots, which will allow us to practice a little, to understand how each Brawler works , what each game mode offers and, by the way, to get some other object To grow the character we have chosen. Playing with real people is a lot of fun, but we should not bother the bots, especially if we want to master each aspect well before making the leap.

05. Invest time in each unlocked Brawler

One of the biggest attractions of this delivery are the Brawlers , that is, the characters that we can select to venture into the different game modes. Each one has specific skills that can best be adapted to the way we play and, most likely, many will opt for a single character and get all their juice. It is not a mistake, but it is advisable to use everyone equally to understand what each one can offer depending on the game mode in which we set out. The one that looks good in Smash and Grab might not be in Bounty , for example. Knowledge has no place.

06. Monitor movements

In the multiplayer games of ‘ Brawl Stars ‘ we will see a series of circles of different colors appear at the feet of the characters. What do these circles mean by color? In the case of seeing a character with blue base that means that it is friendly and that it will not do us anything in case it does not see. Now, if that circle is red we can already prepare ourselves because it is a hostile character that will attack us as soon as we see each other. To these options we must add another variant: the inclusion of a second circle of the original color that indicates that that Brawler has a special attack loaded and ready to use it. When you do, The circle will change to a yellow color to indicate that the next attack will be special. In case you have a partner close to the double circle, do not hesitate to approach him to be safer.

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